17 September 2010

Lucky Winner!

Dah lame cari thread ni. My luvly En. Tunang menang Grand Prize F1/Maybank contest last March.. Aku tahu yg dia mmg slalu ade luck. Alhamdulillah. Mmg impian dia nk duduk kt paddock tgk F1. Harge sebenar dlm RM14k. Xmampula kan if nk bli ngan duit sendri.. Hehe.. Ni dpt free.. Dia sgtlaa teruja.. Ok, Ni thread nye..

Maybank Presents Winners With RM650k Worth of Tickets To F1
March 31, 2010

Petronas Maybankard Visa cardmembers, Azarul Ariff Bin Asaari, a supervisor from Klang and Yang Chee Yong a Manager from Johor were elated when told they were the two Grand Prize winners of the PETRONAS Maybankard Visa Contest to receive a Paddock Club Ticket each with Club Privileges worth RM14,400 each to watch the Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2010 on 4 April 2010.

“I have always wanted to see the F1 but I never thought I would win. I still cannot believe I have won and I am happy Maybank has given me this great chance to watch it live,” said Azarul on hearing he had won the Grand Prize.

“A friend sent me a twitter of this contest and I am glad to have participated. I am excited to watch it and I am going to stay till this Sunday to catch the action in Sepang and cheer Malaysia's F1 team,” said Yang who came all the way from Johor to see the Grand Prix.

Maybank, PETRONAS and Visa International have teamed up to reward customers to witness one of the world’s most exciting Grand Prix events staged in Malaysia. The contest held from 15 February to 15 March 2010 was opened to PETRONAS Maybankard Visa and PETRONAS Ikhwan Visa cardmembers offering a total of RM650,000 worth of tickets to watch the PETRONAS Malaysian Grand Prix 2010 live at the Sepang International Circuit from 2 to 4th April 2010.
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